Read Think Write: A Teachers’ Guide to Creating Thoughtful Early Grade Readers and Writers©


Table of Contents
I. The Reading and Writing Schedule
Overview 1
Teacher Read Aloud 2
Writing the Language Experience (LEA) Chart 3
Shared Rereading of the LEA Chart 5
Shared Reading: Teaching Skills & Strategies 6
Letter and Word Work 7
Independent Writing and Reading 8
II. 5-day Lesson Plan Guide (Introduction, Lesson Development, Application, Conclusion) 9
III. Teachers’ Guide
Oral Language For Early Grade Learners 15
Teacher’s Read Aloud 17
Writing the LEA Chart 30
Shared Rereading of the LEA Chart 40
Shared Reading: Teaching Skills & Strategies 46
Concepts of Print 51
Phonemic Awareness 56
Naming & Writing the Letters of the Alphabet 63
Teaching Letter Sounds (Phonics) 70
Blending & Segmenting Letter Sounds 80
Teaching Common Words & Sight Vocabulary 92
Solving Unknown Words 99
Building Vocabulary & Word Meaning 106
Comprehension Strategies 112
IV. Appendix
Word Wall A-1
Match Game A-2
I Spy A-2
Spelling Face A-3
Bingo A-3
Concepts of Print A-4
Picture Alphabet A-7
Quadrant Alphabet A-7a
Letter Formation A-8
Word Study A-9
Word Patterns for Early Grade Readers A-11
Understanding Words and Sentences A-12
Read Aloud and Think Aloud A-14
Building Reading Fluency A-16
Coaching Not Telling A-17
Feedback A-19
Daily Assessment A-20, 20a
Helping Children Learn A-21


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