Rhoda Koenig
Author of
Learning for Keeps

Our mission is to raise professional expertise and student achievement by responding to demonstrated needs with personal engagement.

CMT offers a valuable alternative to large and sporadic teacher development workshops for schools seeking to prepare students for the complex demands of today's world.

By providing onsite individual coaching and building collaborative teaching practices, we create the optimal context for sustainable growth.





We Have the conviction that all teachers, school leaders, and students have the desire to succeed. All want to be valued.
We Know that superior instruction ultimately depends on the quality of the transactions that take place between a teacher and a student.
We Are Confident that an expert coach, capable of building trust, is the most effective catalyst for developing a teacher’s skills and judgment.
We Provide teachers with the lens for diagnosing the obstacles to their students’ understanding and achievement.
We Understand that master teaching involves being able to unpack strategies one knows well in order to teach them explicitly to someone else.
We Are Committed to building communities of adult learners who value complexity and diversity and who empower students with the ownership of the processes of learning needed for self-direction and self-efficacy.