Pre-Service Teacher Education

Pre-service Teacher Education In Under-served Communities

CMT’s pre-service Early Literacy Methods course of study meets the demand for teachers who can address the critical needs of children who are not learning to read and write in under-resourced schools. There are 250 million children across the world who cannot read a simple sentence by the end of third grade. In-service initiatives cannot compensate for the lack of in-depth preparation for the explicit teaching of reading and writing. Change in students’ literacy learning begins with long-term, clinically-based pre-service teacher education. 
CMT has combined the following:
  • Support and preparation for the 4-year college faculties that teach the Early Grade Teacher Education programs
  • A 4-year, clinically-based course of study in literacy learning for pre-service teacher trainers using evidence-based assessments
  • University and catchment school partnerships that provide clinical experience for pre-service students and in-service education for classroom teachers
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College faculties teach and supervise students who will become teacher trainers. Teacher trainers teach the primary school teachers in the two-year Colleges of Teacher Education (CTE). Certified primary school teachers bring the Read Think Write© early literacy curriculum to their students in the Kindergarten to Grade 3 classrooms.
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