Rhoda Koenig

rhoda“If you think you are too small to be effective, you have never been in the dark with a mosquito.”

(Betty Reese)

Rhoda Koenig is a literacy and learning specialist. As a perpetual learner and evolving practitioner she has developed many areas of expertise which include: teaching for self-directed learning, thinking and problem-solving behaviors, brain-based learning and explicit strategy instruction. She is unique in her creative ability to apply cognitive theory to the development of effective and energizing teaching practices.

Her career in education encompasses teaching primary and intermediate students in the classroom and mediating the literacy learning of at-risk students in a small group setting. As a professional developer she has served as a literacy specialist designing and implementing school and districtwide initiatives; Language Arts Coordinator; Staff-development Chairperson; teacher of in-service courses and turn-key trainer of job-embedded staff development practices.  She supervised the Masters Degree Practicum for graduate students in reading and special education and served as Adjunct Professor of Teacher Education specializing in the processes of literacy learning.

Currently, as founder of Creating Master Teachers, she brings her passion for education that empowers teachers and students to schools in the U.S. and under-resourced countries where her hands-on consulting and coaching practices provide the framework, specific knowledge and personal support essential for cultivating excellence.

Ms. Koenig’s book, Learning For Keeps: Teaching the Strategies Essential for Creating Independent Learners, (ASCD, 2010) goes to the core of her coaching practice. In it she provides the broad vision and specific demonstrations needed to demystify the complex processes of reading, writing and problem solving that challenge students to meet the demands of both fundamental and higher-level learning. Her work with teachers and children focuses on fostering confident, thoughtful and self-guided learners.