“Rhoda Koenig has written a very timely work that will prove extremely valuable as teachers attempt to navigate the new Common Core Learning Standards and need strategies to scaffold learning in ways that all students can access difficult curriculum.”

B.Leshinger, Literacy Coach

“Learning For Keeps inspires thoughtful optimism about the strategies that bring about the success we can achieve in the classroom of a magical teacher… With the positive feelings that accompany mastery, our “learning esteem” grows…creating an upward spiral of growth and change. [This book’s] revelation and transparency of this rich process builds …the environment [for] an enlightened lifelong learner.”

Dr. A. Gould, PH.D., lifespan psychologist and educator, CEO of Lucid Learning Systems, LLC

“Learning For Keeps by Rhoda Koenig is a must read for all teachers! There was so much that I enjoyed about this book that it is difficult to pick out just one of the many strategies that can be used when teaching students to become lifelong readers and learners.”

Y.Elliard-Liburd, 4th grade teacher