CMT’s core commitment is to support teachers in the process of grounding their teaching practices with the focus, expertise, clarity and judgment necessary for providing their students with a world-class education.

Services include but are not limited to:
  • Creating a core team of master-track facilitators
  • Providing school-wide professional coaching based on specific school or district student achievement goals
  • Upgrading teaching practices to engage 21st century learners such as:
    • Teaching explicit lessons that demystify the essential processes of reading, writing and problem solving aligned with the rigorous demands of the Common Core Standards
    • Making the paradigm shift from curriculum driven instruction to student-centered instruction
    • Recasting instruction from inert, memorization to dynamic processing and understanding of information and concepts
    • Recasting instruction to foster the habits and strategies of self-regulated learners (drivers not passengers)
    • Embedding brain-based learning throughout the curriculum
  • Creating job-embedded staff development practices such as:
    • Peer coaching
    • Action research
    • Collegial circles
  • Providing School Leadership Coaching
  • Facilitating the implementation of professional development initiatives such as:
    • Staff workshops
    • Curriculum up-grades
    • Writing rubrics
Additional Services:

Eastern Suffolk BOCES Instructional Coaching Network