Pilot Project

Kimuka Village Primary School Pilot Project Maasailand, Kenya

I have designed a unique program for teachers and students in under-resourced schools. The CMT model and materials introduces teachers to the most effective methods for teaching reading and writing. It raises the existing bar for literacy learning and emphasizes teaching for thinking and self-directed learning. CMT piloted this program with over 150 primary school children from the Kimuka Village and Olmaroroi Schools in Maasailand, Kenya. After the 6-week inservice phase of the project was completed, support continued via emails sent from a cyber cafe.

Lucy, Rhoda, Chief Joseph Ole Tipanko, Michelle, Mercy, Mary (bot.) Samson, Jackie, Joe
Jackline Nthiga, Literacy Coach
Samson Njuguna, Literacy Coach
Lucy Kaakua, Grade 1 teacher
Mercy Wairimu Njuguna, Grade 2 teacher
Mary Lemanken, Grade 3 teacher
The Pilot Project Team

Facing the principal's office
Lunch kitchen
Kimuka Village Primary School

Using context clues
Reading aloud and thinking aloud
Segmenting and blending words
Sight word game
Learning New Teaching Methods

Segmenting and blending words
Reading aloud and thinking aloud
Mapping (on board) to organize writing
Language Experience chart writing
Applying New Teaching Methods in the Classroom

Team meeting
Samson coaching
Study group
Jackie coaching
Coaching coaches
Jackie coaching
Literacy Coaches Create Sustainable Change