Our Process: Individual Professional Coaching of Teachers

Coaching sessions support teachers in identifying the specific practices needed to meet their students’ learning needs:

  • Assess student data as it relates to instructional goals and individual achievement
  • Identify which specific high-impact practices will address students’ needs
  • Prioritize and differentiate plans for instruction

Direct instruction of targeted high-impact teaching practices is provided through modeling, individual coaching and team meetings.

  • The skillful use of high-impact practices that support the teachers’ instructional goals are articulated, modeled, and practiced
  • Teachers apply the high-impact practices to specific lesson plans

Constructive feed back is used to build expertise and strategic thinking:

  • The coach supports the teacher in evaluating the lesson outcomes and the targeted teaching practices
  • The coach and teacher collaborate on developing follow-up lesson plans and determine new objectives for the teacher and the students
  • Conversations expand to include multiple dimensions of lesson management and classroom interaction