Our Process: School Leadership Coaching

School leadership coaching is an ongoing process.

First, we develop a needs assessment based on the following:

  • The status of Common Core / Early Grade Reading implementation
  • The current systems for communication and collaboration with teachers
  • The structure for teachers’ self-assessment, feedback and collaboration
  • Student assessment practices
  • The principal’s self-assessment strategies

Then, we develop a work plan based on:

  • The priorities for identifying and improving areas of student achievement
  • The priorities for identifying and improving teaching practices aligned with student achievement goals
  • The development of conversation protocols and strategic observations
  • The development of ongoing exchanges with staff to articulate instructional goals and engage in problem solving

We continue with ongoing coaching sessions to assess work plan implementation based on:

  • Feedback from staff
  • Reflection on interactions with staff
  • Review of data and protocols

Ongoing coaching sessions for problem solving:

  • Uncover causes of an issue
  • Figure out what changes are desired and possible
  • Figure out how to make those changes a reality